Friday, October 13, 2017

Get Ready For Spirit Week

                                    Spirit Week

Spirit week is coming up and all of our scholars are excited. If you forgot the days here there are:
Monday- Professional Day
Tuesday-Twin or Triplet Day
Wednesday- Celebrity Day
Thursday- International Day

Friday- Color Wars ( Freshman- purple/ Sophomore- yellow/ Juniors-Green/SENIORS-Blue) 

This is D'stini signing off. Go Eagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

What's New Equality???????

Did you know equality has an adult education program 

Earn a High School Diploma !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Earning your High School Diploma opens new doors for you!
  • All it takes is:
    • 3 Months.
    • 4 days per week.
    • 3 hours per day on evening
  • You can earn a better paying job or take the next step in your educational journey!
  • Spaces are limited so act now.

To find out more information about our program give us a call 718-459-9597 ext 1112 or check out our website

Also Tonight Is Equality Charter School Renewal Hearing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Come out and support us at the middle school location (4140 Hutchinson River Parkway East) at 5:30 pm sharp.

Today is everyone's favorite day it's #throwbackthursday 

Monday, October 9, 2017

In Search of the Essential Question...

Jocelyn Kelly, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Equality Charter School, is published on LinkedIn, "In Search of the Essential Question: Lessons Learned from a UbD Pilot Project at Equality Charter School."

Check out her article here and learn more about Equality's curriculum project!

Thank you for your support....

Thank you to everybody who supported our College Counseling Chromebook Fundraiser!

We raised enough money to purchase our computer cart. Thank you for your support!

12th District Community Day on August 5, 2017

Council Member Andy King is inviting you and your school families to march in our Annual Community Engagement Service Day and Parade. School march bands are welcome. The Concert will be headlined by Rev. Donnie McClurkin. If your school would like to participate, please complete the Parade Application. This will be a fabulous event for all. On behalf of the King Team, we thank you for your commitment to serving the 12th District and Beyond. "People Pay Attention, to People Who Participate"

Click here to access the Parade Application.


Founder & Executive Director

Thursday, October 5, 2017


This post is brought to you by D'stini (12th grade scholar), GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to the flag football team for their 20-0 victory!!!

Also we are up for renewal on Thursday, October 12th 

Middle School Location (4140 Hutchinson River Parkway East) 

5:30pm Sharp! 

Must arrive prior to 6pm to sign up. We need your support!

Also today is our favorite day of the week at Equality so you know what that means, it is #throwbackthursdays

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

This post is brought to you by D'stini (12th grade scholar), GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!

You are half way there. #Wednesday 

To keep spirits up check out our social media outlets:

We are also getting ready for Spirit Week here at Equality Charter High School.

#spiritweek17 was great, but #spiritweek17 (October edition) is going to go down in history. 

Let's look at last year in these great throw back pictures...