Thursday, June 15, 2017

Durst Visit

Thank you to John Mongello & Rose Manco for hosting our high school scholars on a tour of the Durst Organization!
Durst organization is a family business that has cornered the real estate market for utilizing natural resources to support their properties.  During their visit, they toured the Bank of America Tower located in Times Square with the VP of Building Services, John Mongello. 

The Durst organization has a greenhouse, and a beehive where they harvest honey and provide to their tenants.  John Mongello was very warm, inviting, and receptive to our young people, he answered all their many questions with ease and took the scholars to lunch. 
The scholar takeaways were potential internship opportunities for advanced seniors, learning about environmental friendly procedures, and becoming successful with hard-work.  
Thank you for the wonderful visit!
Founder & Executive Director

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